You said yes!!! Then, you picked a date, maybe a venue, and now the fun part has finally come!  Today is the day that you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl.  You always imagined yourself in a big beautiful ball gown like Cinderella, waltzing around your living room imagining your big day.  Well, today is the day to channel all that excitement.  Today, you buy your dress!

Here are a few helpful tips to make it the best day yet…

  1. Wear the right clothes (and undergarments!)  Every woman has made this mistake.  Don’t do it to yourself, be comfortable!  Also, a supportive strapless bra will be really useful for your special day.
  2. Bring Your Fan Club!  Making this decision should involve the people that you absolutely trust most…your inner circle.  But, they should also be your biggest fans and number one supporters.  Side note: LESS is more.  A group of 3-4 people is probably your best bet!  Too many opinions can discourage you and make your process of dress shopping more stressful.
  3. Come Prepared!  Make sure you have an appointment on your big day, preparation for the consultants and making your day comfortable and unforgettable one is key!  Having photo’s of the dresses you are curious about is the best way to focus on your bridal appointment.  Your consultant will be able to gauge your interests and find other beauties that escaped your original search.  It also helps to know what shapes you like.
  4. Know Your Budget!  Weddings can be expensive, and knowing exactly what you can spend on your wedding dress is clutch.  Walking into a bridal salon with a budge will give your consultant a range to work within and stop you from falling in love with something too expensive.  Ultimately, you want to fall in love with your choice and money stress needs to stay out of the picture.
  5. Accessorize!  You don’t need to have your exact shoes or jewelry when you’re coming to Athena’s for your appointment (we’ll have some fun options for you to play dress up with!)  but it helps to have a slight idea.  If your know you’re going to wear flats, or you’re completely obsessed with cathedral veils, let your consultant know!  They will be able to help you choose the perfect complements to the gown of your dreams.
  6. Order Your Size!  Most brides get the urge to order a dress that is a size or two smaller then what they currently wear.  Helpful hint:  Don’t size down! Most if not all bridal dresses run smaller then the normal dress.   You’re going to look stunning no matter what size the dress is.  Always keep in mind that it’s easier to take a dress in than to take out.  We here at Athena’s have an alterations team that takes pride in their work so you will look beautiful on your big day!
  7. Listen to Your Consultant!  Athena’s has bridal sales consultants that have been here or over 10 years or more!  These professionals know the stock like the back of their hand.  They know what looks good on what body type, and they want to make you look fabulous!  If you give them the opportunity, they will help you find the dress of your dreams!
  8. Enjoy your day!  The day that you choose your wedding gown should be one of the happiest days of your life!  That’s why we love being involved, and helping you find the perfect dress for your special day.  Take pictures, make memories and most of all stay smiling!  We couldn’t be any happier for you!