You said yes to the dress! Everyone applauded, a single glistening tear rolled down your cheek, and you left the salon fully confident that your fiancé would “oooo” and “ahhhh.” After a few months, your dress has finally arrived, and your first fitting appointment is days away. The alterations team is waiting to fit every inch of material just the way you’d like! But, there are a few things you should know before walking into the store… let us give you a few tips and tricks!


  1. Athena’s has seamstresses, beaders, pressers and fitters that are ready to help create the dress of your dreams. This alterations team will spend time working on your dress, ensuring that you look phenomenal on your wedding day.
  2. Get those logistics out of the way! The balance on your Athena’s order has to be fully paid for the alterations team to work their magic.
  3.  Accessories are important! The shoes and undergarments that you will wear on your wedding day are key to making sure you get the perfect fit during your appointment. Please bring them with you!
  4.  A perfect gown generally requires 2-3 rounds of fitting! Athena’s schedules these extra fittings with you at the end of your previous appointment. Scheduling all at once limits what the fitter can do with your gown, and how much work can be done. You’ll also need a pick-up appointment; this will be scheduled at your very last fitting.
  5.  To make sure that the Athena’s team can give you their full attention, please only bring up to 4 people along with you to the fitting appointment. This makes it easier for us to manage feedback. Plus, you don’t want to give it all away before your debut on the big day!