As I’m from a small island I flew to Florida to look for my bridal gown. Athenas was found over the Internet and I’m so happy I found them! Originally I called and booked an afternoon appointment but on the morning of I decided an earlier time would better suit me. Luckily Gina was available and I was seem right away. My Thursday appointment was fabulous as I was the only one in the bridal room and had undivided attention. After figuring out my style several dresses were pulled or me and I find dress i loved! Since it was my first time trying on dresses I wanted to still give another boutique or two a chance. Gina never pushed me to make a decision rather she told me I needed to be sure! The next day after going to a different salon I was even more sure of my Athenas dress choice. I returned on Saturday and retried my dress with Gina. (The shop was busier and there was one other bride to be there but the experience was still great!) Noe i can’t wait to return back to Florida in a few months to pick up my dress!

I also was able to order bridesmaids dresses throught Gina who was also great at helping me find sizes for my girls who couldn’t visit the store but sent along measurements! Gina truly made the whole day easier!