I said yes to the dress! I worked with Donna on Saturday when I visited Athena’s with my godmother, cousins and maid of honor. We were the last appointment of the day, so we had her undivided attention.

Even though I walked in with a very specific dress in mind (I knew the store didn’t carry it), Donna took a look at it and immediately started pulling dress she thought may be comparable. She was methodical, going around the room pulling specific gowns. At one point, my cousin and I exchanged glances because it was clear Donna was a woman on a mission!

My group had a great time, Donna conversed easily with all of them as she ushered me in and out in the different gowns. The first 2 were beautiful and after I tried on a handful, we went back into the second dress. I was concerned because it was similar to the dress I’d already had in my head so we brought the pictures back out and compared side by side. I couldn’t stop staring at the beadwork in the mirror, and imagining how bright and shiny the dress will be for my spring beach-side wedding. That was it! She had me at “strapless modified sweetheart!”

It was a very sweet and special moment, and all the ladies in the store were very outgoing and friendly with my group. Being Greek myself, I love that I found my dress at Athena’s, and I can’t wait for my big, fat, Greek wedding!