Although I did not purchase my bridal gown or any of my bridal party gowns at Athena’s Bridal I still have to give them a major shout out. Every time I went in to Athena’s I was greeted so graciously and genuinely. I did visit their store several times since I was interested in a couple of bridesmaid’s dresses but unfortunately the colors and materials I needed I couldn’t find in the same dress. If they had the color I liked I didn’t like the material and if I liked the material then I didn’t like the color. It was one of those moments that I wanted so badly to find something I liked and be able to make a purchase in their store. They were just so helpful and knowledgeable. Gina was an absolute sweetheart and so patient with me even though I never purchased anything from them. I had a great customer service experience. They have beautiful gowns for reasonable prices. I only wish they would have had my colors.