Athena’s was the very first place I went to. I had a great experience but thought that it was just how it was going to go everywhere I went. Turns out, that’s way wrong. I went out 4 different times and each time going to 2-3 places. Athena’s had the best customer service out of all of them. I went back to Athena’s for a 2nd time to try on this dress I had in my mind as no other dress could compete. Donna ended up showing me another dress on sale from a trunk show which made my decision a little harder (in a good way). She didn’t pressure me whatsoever even though it was busy and there was a lot going on. She made sure that I was comfortable the whole time and handled others who came with me and their opinions very well. She offered for me to come in a 3rd time when it wasn’t so busy so I didn’t have to feel rushed making the decision. I couldn’t say enough nice things about Donna and Athena’s. I’m extremely happy with my experience and would do it all over again there.