Some of these reviews are so bad I am sure they are for the wrong shop.

I stopped by Athenas 30 minutes before closing the first time I was in. Considering that it was late everyone was helpful and kind but I did not try on any dresses I browsed. I did make an appointment to come back.

Donna helped me during my appointment. She was maybe over enthusiastic and had lots of advice but I knew what I wanted and wouldn’t have considered her “pushy” or “rude” at all!!!

They measured me, double checked my measurements, and we ordered my perfect dress. It was quick, easy, and painless. I loved their selection! The dresses were not outrageously priced and a higher quality than I found anywhere like CiCi’s Or David’s.

They called when the dress came in and it is PERFECT. The owner came out to talk to my mother and I and she was a pleasure too. There are signs literally everywhere like “if you buy your dress here and the wedding falls through, we will share your tears but the dress belongs to you”, the contract said all sorts of things about no returns refunds or exchanges, and I was told before ordering, during, and after, that this was a final sale.

Don’t go into a business expecting anything for free. The electric isn’t free, the employees aren’t free, and their merchandise is not free. If you have a problem with anything, talk to them! But understand there is a cost to doing business. Some of these reviews just made me so so sad. I loved my experience and have literally recommended them to EVERYONE who would listen.