This was, I think, the 5th bridal store I visited to find the dress.
Came in on a Monday morning and we were greeted by Gina. She listened well to details I was looking for and we tried on around 5 or so dresses until we ran into “the one”.
1st dress was blah, 2nd dress felt like prom, 3rd and 4th or so dresses had everything I was looking for (she really did deliver!), but weren’t wowing me. One, I really liked but wasn’t sold.
“Let’s try something different,” she said. And then we found it. But I was quite hesitant. Was the search really over? For weeks I’d been trying on sexy, beaded, mermaids, fit and flares, all with poofy tulle bottoms, sheer bodies, jeweled straps etc. So when I put on this lace fit and flare, I got defensive. This dress wasn’t “wow”, was it? It didn’t have all the intricate and fashion-forward details. Strapless lace fit and flares aren’t necessarily ‘sexy’ or ‘wow’.
Oooh, baby, but it was. Gina explained that sometimes a simpler dress makes the bride the most beautiful. The dress wasn’t the ‘wow’, the brides beauty is the ‘wow’. She could still see the concern in my face, so she took it off and put me in a couple more “poofy mermaids”. She even put me back in the bejeweled number that I had said I “really liked”.
And then I saw it. I looked like I was caught in the 80’s. Too much poof, too much sparkle, I felt like I was suffocating inside a dress with way too much going on. “I don’t like it as much as the other one”- was what I was saying to all of them. I was practically begging to put the lace number back on. And it actually was VERY sexy.
My point is, that Gina was such a tremendous help. She was considerate, attentive to my opinion, and was able to stand back and analyze the situation to find my beautiful dress. I also enjoyed her advice. There was absolutely no pressure to buy. I think Gina really just wanted me to see what she saw. When it came to pricing, she honored a future sample sale that shed around $300 off. I bought it cash, right off the hanger.
As of now, and a courtesy, they’re fixing a simple zipper hook and cleaning it up since it was a sample. I will definitely give an update on my alterations and fittings appointments. Because what good is it if the buying experience was great, but every appointment afterwards was a complete nightmare?
Dresses seem to be ranged from $1000+. The place was large, clean, and I’d say at least a couple hundred dresses to choose from. Also a section of bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride, etc. They’ve been a local business for over 30 years. They didn’t disappoint me, I’m sure they won’t disappoint you.